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When performed, the processes of Intubation/extubation, CPR, and others produce aerosols which can infect patients and healthcare workers.  Other routine treatments like high-flow oxygen (HFNC, etc), CPAP, BiPAP (NIPPV) produce aerosols for the duration of their application. These facts increase the rate and duration of intubations, space requirements in your isolation facility, and demands on your PPE supply.  Allowing the safe use of NIPPV and HFNC reduces demands on your ventilator supply.

A negative pressure isolation unit is an effective solution to these problems, and can stem the spread of contagion within your facility.

Quick-deploy negative pressure temporary isolation unit for bio-containment.  

Specifically developed to address COVID-19 challenges

Easy setup, easy tear-down and compact storage:  Confidently today’s crisis, and be prepared for the next.

  • Inside dimensions: 96″x96″x96″
  • Outside dimensions: 120”x120”x108”
  • 1 hr setup using no special tools or skills
  • Modular design: interconnect multiple units to create more complex facilities
  • 0.03 micron filtration on intake and exhaust
  • Air is fully renewed 12 timer per hour
  • Easy to disinfect PVC/Vinyl interior
  • Battery backup on lighting and air filtration system
  • Collapsible, reusable, with single pallet storage for long term preparedness

Comfortably accommodate Bed, equipment, and staff 

Freely interconnect and configure to meet your immediate and emergent requirements